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Set against the rigors of frontier life in the West, Colorado Gold, was the dramatic first book in the new Treasure Quest historical fiction series. Bestselling author Marian Wells introduced her readers to Amy Randolph and Daniel Gerrett whose marriage started on shaky ground, nearly fell apart, and finally was restored.

Out of the Crucible continues their story. As much as Amy loves Daniel, being the wife of an elder in the Methodist Episcopal Church during the circuit-riding days is difficult. Saying goodbye every Monday without knowing if he'll be back for the weekend, wondering if he's met up with Indians traveling between mining communities, the dreaded monotony and ruggedness of the mining town--her promise of love had been easy, but her commitment was being tested.

Then into their lives breaks the Civil War. Since late 1861 the Texas Rangers have been pushing their way into New Mexico Territory, and a voluntary army from Colorado Territory is formed to defend their gold and their land. This finally takes place at the battle of Glorieta Pass with Amy and Daniel in the middle of it all!

A powerful story of promises and commitments that challenge readers with a strong spiritual message.

Out of the Crucible by Marian Wells

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    Series: Treasure Quest #2