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The aim of The New Testament from 26 Translations is to combine in one volume the complete King James text and the most significant variations from 25 later translations. The entire text of the King James Version appears phrase-by-phrase in bold type, followed in each instance by significant and illuminating variations from the other translations. Each translated portion is coded for immediate recognition.

The New Testament from 26 Translations:

  • Selects from the many translations words and turns of phrase which add to the King James Version.
  • Offers a concise commentary on the New Testament through a comparison of the various translations.
  • Consolidates into one convenient volume the varying shades of meaning from 25 important versions.
  • Is a unique tool for Bible study.

New Testament from 26 Translations edited by Curtis Vaughan

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  • Hardcover, 1237 pages

    Published by Zondervan Pub. House

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