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Only human courage and divine miracles would win the Promised Land! As the sequel to Ellen Traylor's MOSES - THE DELIVERER, this book follows the Israelites' long journey to Canaan in a saga of intense drama. Having witnessed the plague on Pharaoh's cruel land, the delivering power of God, and the parting of the Red Sea, Joshua earns Moses' trust during the wilderness wanderings. In his last days, Moses appoints Joshua as his successor, a role in which Joshua's faithfulness and single-hearted devotion to God culminate in the miraculous victories that finally settle the children of Israel in their holy hand. Although Joshua is a man of bold spirit, he is also prone to the loneliness that goes with power. Never could he have imagined that with the conquest of Canaan his own heart would be conquered.

Joshua: God's Warrior by Ellen Gunderson Traylor

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