ew things are more important for a Christian than understanding the Bible. The Bible focuses the believer’s attention on the work of Christ and is God’s revelation to mankind. It tells us what we need to know to grow as Christians and become influential for Christ’s cause in our neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, many are unsure about how to study the Bible and keep that study exciting and relevant. To address such needs, Irving Jensen provides help. Using the inductive method of Bible study and an analytical chart to map out the richness of the Bible, he shows how reading God’s Word can be the highlight of your day. God’s design of the Bible is so simple a child can understand much of it, yet so complex that even the greatest scholars can be challenged by it for a lifetime. But just as the traveler must learn to read a road map before he begins a trip, so a Christian should know something about methods of Bible study if his time in the Word is to be consistent and life-changing. Through this book, Jensen makes reading that map much easier.

Moody Press 1992.

Independent Bible Study by Irving L. Jensen

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