In the Old Testament, milk and honey are the enticing fare of the Promised Land; but honey as sweet nourishment extends to Yahweh's words, and Deuteronomy is a book filled with them.

A rock is hardly the most promising place to find nourishment, and perhaps for many readers Deuteronomy may seem equally unpromising. However, in the song of Moses Yahweh is pictured as the Rock (Deuteronomy 32:4). Our nourishment comes not just from Deuteronomy, but from God himself.

James Robson's aim is to orient readers to Deuteronomy: to guide them in what to expect, to help them interpret what they find, and to help them think through the wider significance of what they have read. His study is for those interested in understanding Deuteronomy's role within a biblical theology of the Old and New Testaments, and for those convinced that when Deuteronomy is read, God's voice is heard. All with a concern for Christian interpretation and appropriation of the book of Deuteronomy will appreciate Robson's accessible exploration of 'a word with a story, to shape the life of God's people'.

James Robson's accessible study focuses on Deuteronomy's storyline, explores its role within a biblical theology of the Old and New Testaments, and sets out its enduring function as an authoritative word for the Christian and the church today.


‘In what ways can the Old Testament be Scripture for the church? James Robson’s Honey from the Rock is an excellent and timely answer. In Deuteronomy, he addresses a book that is of profound significance for biblical religion, demonstrating the rich possibilities of biblical law for the Christian life, exposing misconceptions about law in relation to the New Testament, and offering wise guidance about some of the commonly experienced difficulties in its use. Literate, engaging and erudite, this is a must-read for teachers of the Bible.’
- Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire

'James Robson's new book on Deuteronomy is an excellent, stimulating and thoughtful guide that will be suitable for students and preachers alike. Robson discusses the major issues and theology of the book in an engaging way. His book is far from merely academic as he seeks to encourage readers still to hear the voice of God through Deuteronomy as well as to use the book in ministry. Robson succeeds in whetting the appetite for reading and applying Deuteronomy.'

- Paul Barker, lecturer in Old Testament at Seminari Theoloji, Malaysia and Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology; author of The Triumph of Grace in Deuteronomy (Paternoster)

Honey From The Rock by James Robson

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