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TAmong the many recent discussions of the nature and authority of Scripture, I would judge this to be one of the most valuable. Particularly in those essays that deal with the actual phenomena of the text of Scripture, it displays a level of sophistication and of sympathetic awareness of alternative views that has too often been lacking. In contrast to the backs-to-the-wall tone of some conservative 'defenses of inerrancy, ' these authors write for the most part with the confidence of those who have a coherant and well-grounded position to offer. The volume will, I believe, both help to commend Evangelical doctrine to those who suspect it of blind obscurantism and also contribute significantly to mutual understanding among Evangelicals who are too ready to polarize over their different assessments of what it means to honor Scripture as the Word of God. R. T. France Vice- Principal, London Bible College These thought-minded essays are the channel through which conservative scholars must steer for competent interaction with current critical theories, for helpful direction in focusing the battle over Scripture, and for reflection of conflict areas that Evangelicals must themselves resolve. This work rises above the shallow shadow-boxing over inerrancy and engages central concerns with academic ability and dignity. It puts on the agenda issues that Evangelical leaders must now wrestle: Does the Bible contain different kinds of truth? Is all divine revelation rational? Is the canon really post-apostolic? No reader will agree with all that is said; some will loudly disagree here and there. But all students will be stimulated and serious readers edified at the frontiers of current debate. Carl F. H. Henry

Hermeneutics, Authority and Canon ed. by D.A. Carson and John D. Woodbridge

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