"George Muller of Bristol" is the ultimate George Muller biography, written by a man who knew him, and the one approved by Mr. Muller's own son-in-law. Though A. T. Pierson's book contains many amazing accounts of how God provided for George Muller and his ministry, more than anything the book is a powerful narrative of how God responds to faith and prayer. Muller's life goal was to show that God is a living God who hears and answers prayer, and God richly blessed this life of faith. The refreshing thing about this biography is that you learn just as much about the God Muller served as you do about Muller himself. The author also often steps out of the narrative to help the reader to apply lessons from Muller's life. Tremendous insight is gained into why and how he became a great man of faith and prayer. And as if the unfolding of this isn't enough, there's the added bonus of author A.T. Pierson's insightful commentary on biblical principles for deeper-level Christian living. Reading this book is like sitting at the feet of a personal spiritual mentor. The author has a masterful way of turning a phrase and more importantly he shows us how and what and who made Muller who he became--a man of God extraordinaire. The faith that distinguished his Christianity from mediocre believers of his day was unclouded by sentimentality or mystical notions, it was steeped in Scripture and bathed in the love of Christ. A wonderful book that truly brings glory to God!


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George Muller of Bristol by Arthur T. Pierson

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