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From Eternity to Eternity: An Outline of Divine Purposes


Part 1 exhibits the unfolding of the history of salvation not in broad cross-sections of the development, showing the contemporary stages, persons, and events connected one with the other at any given time, but rather portrays them in the form of longitudinal sections, showing a number of distinct developments included in the whole course of history. These may be viewed as separate streams and single rivers flowing through the whole region, as, for example, the special history of the Divine methods of revelation in general, the history of the temples of God, the history of Israel, the history of the nations as to salvation, the history of the Messiah, the “days” of God, the various final judgments. Part 2 deals with the basic attitude to the question of the inspiration of the Bible as such, and thus to the foundation and justification of all study of Bible history in principle. For the whole study of the history of salvation stands or falls with the attitude taken to inspiration. Part 3 justifies the expectation of a visible kingdom of God (the Millennium). This is therefore more exegetical and eschatological. We deem it necessary to add this discussion because the entire nature and structure of our outlook upon the historical development of salvation depends in high degree upon the basic attitude taken to the Millennial kingdom. This applies as much to Old Testament prophecy as to the whole arrangement and texture of New Testament history, and in particular to the order and connection of some chief and essential questions as to the original Christian hope. Thus the three Parts of this book form a unity. Part 1 gives our actual exposition, Part 2 its basic warrant, and Part 3 The justification of the character and structure of our historical outlook.

From Eternity to Eternity by Erich Sauer

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