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Your Journey to Extraordinary Starts with One Word—Yes

If you have a desire deep inside your heart to be sold out to the Lord and do amazing things for Him, you are not alone.

Lysa TerKeurst and her daughter Hope have felt that passion too, and they've learned that only God can satisfy the craving to go beyond just making it through the day. Why? Because God is the one who created that need inside of you and He's using it to draw you closer to Him!

As you begin your journey to extraordinary, this book will help you

  • overcome your fear of saying yes to God by focusing on the life-changing results of obeying Him
  • understand that you have been uniquely designed by the Lord to play an important part in His plans
  • learn how to grow in your relationship with Him by digging deep into encouraging Bible verses
  • listen for what the Lord wants to speak to you with practical ways to recognize His voice in your everyday life

When you say yes to God, you will see your faith grow and bloom. Will you accept His invitation and start your journey today?


Far From Ordinary by Lysa Terkeurst & Hope Terkeurst

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  • Format: Paperback

    Condition: First page is torn, otherwise very good

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