This book aims to enable a user to become closely familiar with a limited number of Older Testament texts and so be in a position to form judgments about them and, resulting from that, to have an understanding of the nature of biblical text itself. Beyond this, the reality that these are key texts for the understanding of the Bible means that they have fundamental impact for the basics of faith today--our understanding of ourselves before God, essential to faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Israel's prophets reflect on the role of God in human life; faith in God's love, God's passion for justice, the essential place of fidelity in faith. Israel's foundational narratives explore the nature of human lives before God; they include issues such as creation, human freedom, and faith in God's unshakeable commitment to human life. Alongside these concerns, there is the importance of getting a feel for the nature of scripture.

Experiencing Scripture by Antony Campbell

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