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Steel tracks and the lure of the sea led them to Washington Territory, but only a few would triumph.

Ember Ridgeway is the vivacious, pampered niece of railroad tycoon Mack Ridgeway. Orphaned at a young age, Ember's struggle for identity in a world of greed leaves her feeling empty and alone. But then Tavish Wilder enters her life, and Ember's dreams began to include the one thing her uncle's money can't buy.

Tavish Wilder's driving ambition is to rise up as a powerful timber baron in the Northwest territories. But life in the train camps is a world away from his dreams, and the road to success is riddled with treachery.

Mack Ridgeway is determined to climb his way to the top of the Northern Pacific railroad no matter what the cost. With his son by his side, he plans to rule the Northwest and rid the rich timberland of any who would stand in his way.

Their dreams brought them together. Would tragedy and deceit drive them apart?

Empire Builders by Linda Chaikin

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  • Format: Paperback

    Condition: Good

    Series: The Great Northwest #1

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