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No other book of the Old Testament is criticized as thoroughly by the proponents of higher critical theories as the Book of Daniel. These critics assume the supernatural is nonexistent and seek natural explanations for the book's miraculous elements and detailed prophecies. They have concluded that the Book of Daniel was written nearly 400 years after Daniel's death. The evidence presented for this late date theory seems convincing until examined closely and compared with the evidence for Daniel's authenticity. In [this book] Josh McDowell defends Daniel's authorship, authenticity and God-inspired prophecy as ably as he defends the Christian faith and Scriptures in his best-selling 'Evidence That Demands a Verdict' and 'More Evidence That Demands a Verdict'. Like these two volumes 'Daniel in the Critics' Den' will enable you to conquer any doubts about the Bible's reliability and refute the contentions of those who do not believe in prophetic revelation.

Daniel in the Critics' Den by Josh McDowell

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