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The spirit of William Wilberforce, who worked to stop the transatlantic slave trade 200 years ago, is alive and active in all people whose faith complel their tireless efforts to transform their culture and build a better world. Creating the Better Hour: Lessons from William Wilberforce is not an ordinary study book. It is a call to end ongoing human oppression and slavery. The life of this great Christian parliamentarian and abolitionist is the starting point for a first-class group of contributors to show Wilberforce as a model for engaging modern culture. Essays detail how people today can emulate his life, great persuasive techniques, and his Clapham Circle colleagues to bring about cultural change and end oppression. Each chapter's Extended Observation draws readers and study groups into transforming reflections and conversations--all designed to help people become a force for good and commit to a life on behalf of others.

Creating The Better Hour: Lessons From William Wilberforce by Chuck Stetson

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