A relationship with God is central to life-breathing theology, but today's culture experiences a barrier of ignorance and misunderstanding of the church's mission. Through stories and illustrations, Ed Cyzewski builds a method for theology that is rooted in a relationship with God and His mission.

Christian readers will find a conversational guide to theology in the postmodernism context and in the emerging church, helping them understand, shape, and live out practical Christian theology.


Includes Bible Study Guide: This companion study guide to Coffeehouse Theology will help you explore ways to live out your theology in daily life. Each session will help you reflect on the main points of Coffeehouse Theology while also working through some of theology’s contextual, biblical, historic, and global aspects.

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life by Ed Cyzewski

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    Note: This listing includes two books, Coffeehouse Theology and it's corresponding Bible Study Guide.