CAN WE STILL BELIEVE THE BIBLE? AND DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Bryan Ball addresses these questions in the context of the beginning of the 21st century. Delving into the study of history, language, cultures, archaeology, prophecy and the world today, Can We Still Believe the Bible? will take you on a journey through the strongest evidence available to answer these vital questions. If you have ever wanted to find our for yourself whether the Bible can be trusted, this is the perfect time to do so. Take some time to read this FREE book and consider the well researched facts. Delve into verifiable history - independent of the bible, Can We Still Believe the Bible? is so easy to read, and so hard to put down! “Coherent and compelling.” Dr Arthur Patrick, honorary senior research fellow, Avondale College, NSW , Australia “Clearly focused, convincing and impressive.” Dr Ron Emmerson, Newbold College Church, UK “Enjoyable and edifying.” Pastor Jim Huzzey, Kings La ngley, UK

Can We Still Believe The Bible? by Bryan Ball

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