Evelyn's newest boarders are penniless . . . but God is watching over the Sister Circle in amazing ways.

Evelyn Peerbaugh is worried. Once again she has taken in new boarders, but this time she's opened the doors of Peerbaugh Place to women who can't pay a cent for her services. But the bonds of sisterhood are as strong as ever. As Evelyn reaches out to these sisters in need, she discovers that God has a whole new plan for the Sister Circle -- and for her. Evelyn could not have predicted the shock in store for her and Piper.

"A Place to Belong," Book Four of this charming contemporary series, completes the timeless, heartwarming story of Peerbaugh Place, the quaint Victorian house that becomes a refuge to women of vastly different ages, personalities, and backgrounds. Through struggles and
triumphs, the women forge a special bond of sisterhood and come together through faith and love.

A Place To Belong by Vionette Bright & Nancy Moser

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